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Entering the world of property investing can be intimidating. We have a lot to learn and process, and sometimes we feel lost.

What is the best way for property sourcing?

What is the best way for property sourcing?

How to analyze property deals and how to calculate mortgage rates using a mortgage calculator?

But no worries, follow these top property and real estate influencers we gathered here to get inspired and get started in the property world.

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Jamie York

Jamie York is a business owner and property investor. He has built multiple businesses in the property world over the last 10 years, and he wants to educate you on it.

The Buy To Let world is explained in detail in dozens of Jamie York’s Property videos.

Having expertise in

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Credit: Jamie York’s Instagram channel

Don’t make decisions based on self limiting beliefs

Jamie York Property

Aspire Property Group

Jamie York

Jamie York is a business owner and property investor. He has built multiple businesses in the property world over the last 10 years, and he wants to educate you on it.

The Buy To Let world is explained in detail in dozens of Jamie York’s Property videos.

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Credit: Jamie York’s Instagram channel

Don’t make decisions based on self limiting beliefs

Jamie York

Aspire Property Group

Jamie York's Finance Hub


Take advantage of lower interest rates if they are lower for you


Take advantage of the capital growth in your property


Tax Free Profits

Jamie York

Aspire Property Group

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Ahmed Khan

Ahmed got rejected by every job and internship he applied for whilst at university (University College London) He started a property business instead.

Since then he has built a £3,240,000 property portfolio in London & Hertfordshire (as of Jan 2022).

He volunteers as a business mentor at the Peter Jones (from Dragon’s Den) Foundation to help young people who are starting a business by sharing with them the things I have learned about business so far.

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Credit: Ahmed Khan’s Twitter Page

22 Hours of Free Property Course on Ahmed Khan's YouTube Channel:

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Ranjan Bhattacharya

There is no doubt that Ranjan is one of the most successful and respected entrepreneurs in the UK’s real estate sector.

He has built an extensive portfolio of residential and commercial properties over the last 30 years.

Through his numerous property companies, Ranjan specializes in repurposing commercial buildings for long-term rental income.

Because of his unique expertise in commercial properties, Ranjan has extensive exposure on major TV channels (see below).

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In addition to hosting the Baker Street Property Meet, Ranjan Bhattacharya also hosts the UK’s largest monthly networking event for property investors, where 300+ individuals gather each month to discuss all things property.

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Shorts Join 300 Property Investors In London At The Baker Street Property Meet YouTube

Source: Ranjan’s YouTube Shorts

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Harvey’s WHY is to live on his terms and his mission is to help as many others live on their terms using financial education & mindset as a vehicle to achieve that.

His hypothesis of the purpose of life is to find something you enjoy doing and learn how to make money from that, then you will never have to work again.

Harvey has built his property portfolio and businesses in the Northeast of England, whilst living in the south, Running this from his phone, allowing him to spend time with his family and travel regularly.

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Profile Photo


Harvey's Refurb Stories on Instagram:

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Stories • Instagram 8

Source: Harvey’s Instagram Channel

Brown Minimalist Interior Before After Instagram Story 4 576x1024
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Vanessa Warwick

Vanessa Warwick – Property Tribes

Having expertise in

Twitter is the best social network to follow Vanessa’s property-related content. Taking the time to watch her content is highly recommended

Vanessa owns and operates Property Tribes.  It’s one of the busiest U.K.’s Landlord & investor community.

Property Tribes’ mission is to ensure a positive experience in the private rented sector for everyone. Property Tribes achieve this by adopting the eco-system model and the mantra – “None of us is as smart as all of us”.

Property Tribes Analyzer 4 300x206
Property-Tribes Deal Analyzer

The platform provides community-generated news, legislation updates, property strategies, best practices, as well as prop-tech tools such as a property deal analyzer and an auction page for sourcing properties for investment.

Additionally, the website contains community-generated news, legislation updates, and property strategies. A wide variety of contributors have also generously shared their knowledge.

Property Industry's Leading Forum

As part of Property Tribes, Vanessa has created an online property forum with a high level of discussions quality.

There are a number of topics that are discussed in depth in this forum, ranging from auctions to buy-to-let ownership, commercial property to bridging finance, and there is a very wide range of topics covered.

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John Howard is one of the UK’s most experienced property consultants, developers, traders, and investors, with over four decades of experience within the industry.

John’s extensive expertise stems from the sale and purchase of over 4,000 houses, apartments, and developments across the UK: from traditional houses to hotels and large scheme developments. One of John’s more recent projects being the £27 million construction of 150 apartments at Ipswich Waterfront.

Having expertise in

John Howard is a property expert and exceptionally knowledgable when it comes to developing and investing. Not only is he an authority within the property industry but often shares his knowledge through property seminars and his property consultancy services.

Here you’ll find all the property books you’ll need before taking a leap within the industry.

Buying Selling Property AuctionBuying Selling Property Auction 650x522
Property Development Investment CoverProperty Development Investment Cover 650x522
Property Developing Investing CoverProperty Developing Investing Cover 650x522
Move Right CoverMove Right Cover 650x522
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Aren Deu

Aren is also known as “The Anxious Investor” and he helps you invest so you don’t make the same mistakes he did when he was first starting out.

By sharing all his secrets and documenting his journey, he has always aimed to make the journey as easy and comfortable for everyone as possible.

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My 1 35M BRRR Property Development Project

Credit: Aren Deu’s Instagram channel

The Anxious Investor The Anxious Investor • Instagram Photos And Videos

Investing Vs saving = only one winner for your money.

Of course there’s never a guarantee with any investment but we could also argue there is a guarantee with saving, at the current rate of inflation.

Saving at the current rate of inflation is 100% eating away at your money.

#propertyinvestment #propertyinvestor

Credit: Aren Deu’s Instagram channel

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If you are just starting out in property and looking to set up a UK Buy To Let property business then the advice Dan offers for investors is perfectly suited to you. Dan specializes in upskilling beginner property investors and helps newcomers understand why so many are now investing in Buy To Let properties. 

On Dan’s YouTube channel, you will find hints and tips for property investors and he will guide you through all the buy-to-let steps to helping you become a successful UK property investor.

If you are already a landlord and you’re just looking for advice then you’re in the right place. Dan is offering hints and tips for experienced landlords and providing guidance so you can become a property investing expert.

Dan Coachafer UK Lendlord 1

Having expertise in

Step by Step Buy to Let Video Series by Dan Coachafer:

If you are just starting out in property then this playlist should help with the basics and get you started on the right path.

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A property investor by night, Matt works at a bank during the day and as a banker in the morning.

On Matt Brighton’s YouTube channel, he’s exploring the world of property investments and development, as well as sharing his insights and knowledge about personal finance and other things that are of interest to him, such as investing. 

He’s new, (and promising) trying to work things out and documenting it all along the way for others to learn along with him. He’s young and enthusiastic maybe the youngest influencer we know

Having expertise in

Should You Buy A House In 2023

Credit: Matt Brigton”s Instagram channel

HMO’s (Houses of Multiple Occupancy) can often be a great way to generate cashflow in property.

They require more work than vanilla strategies but can also be very rewarding.

In this video Matt analyzed over 324 data points to find the best HMO property investment areas in the UK in 2020.

This looks at the HMO and buy-to-let hotspots to help you if you’re considering buying an HMO property.

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Jack Smith

Jack’s vision is for highly educated and mission-focused investors and entrepreneurs to achieve financial independence and use their freedom to raise the standards of housing across the UK.

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The easiest way to flip a house in the UK is to flip your own residential home.

If you buy a property to flip on an investment basis you usually have to put a minimum of 25% and get a bridging loan that can cost anything up to 1.2% per month.

By buying your own home to live in and renovate, you can put down a smaller deposit, renovate over a longer period of time and pay a lot less interest

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Lisa Best

Lisa bought her first house in 2004, a 2-bedroom terraced property in the North West that cost £70,000. The house had red carpet in the bathroom, and damp walls, and was located on a busy main road.

Lisa didn’t realize that this house would be more than just a place to live – it would be her first investment project.

Despite the challenges she faced, Lisa put in a lot of time, effort, and money to turn the property into a home.

Over the years, she completed 11 more projects and gained a lot of knowledge and experience that she wants to share with others.

Having expertise in

@nwpropertymum How to avoid a £30k fine as a landlord. The EICR is just one area of compliance to remember and its easy to forget when things like the EICR and gas cert are due. Get organised for free with Lendlord. #landlordtips #landlordsuk #propertyinvesting #ukproperty #ad ♬ original sound - nwpropertymum 🏡 property tips
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Property Queen of TikTok is Lisa Best, also known as “nw property mom” on social media.  With her knowledge, experience, and talent, Lisa found the formula for articulating property content to the masses.

A number of her short form videos receive millions of views on TikTok which makes her one of the leading property educators and a leader when it comes to the training of landlords, making her one of the most sought after content creators.

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I Stumbled Into Property Investment At 24 Years Old Wise Media Podcast YouTube 1

Kyle Mattison is also known as That Property Guy.

Kyle is a content creator who shares his insights on social media channels such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

In addition to providing valuable information and inspiration to his followers, he also showcases his personality and unique perspective on the world of property through his content combination of creative expression, community building, and education.

Having expertise in

The TikTok KingKong

When it comes to all things property, Kyle is the leading TikTok influencer.

In addition to having almost 500K followers, he regularly posts videos demonstrating some renovation projects.

Make sure to watch his channel if you are in the property industry


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Daniel Duffield from Kove Properties believes in acting and doing things differently.

His vision is to create a better UK housing sector, one which has the customer, the environment, and the local community at its heart, whilst still achieving good returns for our investors. His channel focuses on adding value to new and experienced investors.

Behind the scenes, Daniel works with his business partner, Jeremy Wood, who is a successful entrepreneur and director at KOVE Properties. Together, they lead KOVE to be one of the top property services companies in the UK.

Having expertise in

1 KOVE Properties Overview LinkedIn

Daniel Duffield & Jeremy Wood, KOVE properties. KOVE’s LinkedIn Page

For examples sake let’s say you have £100,000 in the bank.

Let’s say that the £100,000 is to be used to purchase 3 serviced accommodation properties each generating £700 net

This example is based on waiting 12 months

– Loss of income on 3 properties over a 12 month period = £25,200
– The Bank of England announced raising rates by 2% next year. 2% over 2 years because you will have to fix the mortgage = £9,000
– Inflation is at 11% = £11,000 loss
– Total: £45,200 loss

This means you will need to get higher than a 45% drop in property prices to make this worth waiting. Baring in mind it’s been predicted that there will be a 5% drop.

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If you want to suggest your own UK’s property influencer,

please send your suggestion via email to and we’ll consider to add your suggestion.

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