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By Eli Edri & Alexander Oleksiuk. Updated 6:12 PM EDT, Wed, Feb 14, 2024

UK's Top Property Investment Educators

The UK’s property investment realm is a dynamic arena teeming with opportunities for wealth creation and financial freedom.

Amidst this landscape, a cadre of educators stands out, dedicated to equipping investors with the insights and property strategies needed to navigate the market successfully.

Integral to mastering these strategies is the utilization of the best UK property websites, which serve as crucial tools for research, analysis, and decision-making.

In this article, we delve deeper into the profiles and offerings of the top UK property investment educators, providing a comprehensive guide for those seeking to excel in this lucrative field.

By combining their expert advice with the rich resources found on premier property platforms, investors can enhance their understanding of the market, refine their investment approaches, and identify the most promising opportunities with precision.

UK's Top Property Investment Educators

Table of Contents
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The Fontaine Brothers

The Fontaine Brothers Review

Meet Steven and Dylan, better known as the @FontaineBrothers, who launched their journey into the real estate industry with a Rent to Rent HMO company in 2019.

In just a few years, they have not only developed a profitable Rent to Rent portfolio but also transitioned into purchasing properties, significantly leveraging their business towards passive income. Beyond their business acumen, the Fontaine Brothers have mastered the digital realm, growing a massive following of over 200,000 on Instagram.

They now share their insights on real estate and social media strategy, offering valuable resources like contracts and templates to help others replicate their success.

Fontaine Brothers YouTube 1

The Fontaine Brothers Property investment Courses:

Deal Sourcing

The Deal Sourcing Online Course offers a comprehensive guide through 12 modules covering the entire deal sourcing process, including actionable steps, essential tools like contracts and templates, and resources such as a Deal Analyser for various strategies.

Additionally, enrollees receive three months free access to the Dealers Club, providing mentoring, a private WhatsApp group, and the opportunity to sell deals to a network of over 5,000 investors.



Rent to Rent HMO

The course covers the full spectrum of starting and running a Rent-to-Rent (R2R) business, split into six detailed modules.

It begins with basics like understanding HMOs, compliance, and the fundamentals of R2R, including mindset and goal setting. It progresses to setting up a business, including legal compliance and brand building through social media and networking.

The course also teaches how to identify and secure R2R deals, negotiate terms, and finance deals effectively.

Additionally, it covers property setup, marketing, tenanting, and ongoing management, providing practical insights and tools to ensure success in the R2R property market.


The Buy Refurbish Refinance (BRR) course, created in collaboration with Harvey from Growth Property, offers a comprehensive education on the BRR strategy, covering every aspect from setup to management.

Harvey, who has successfully completed over 100 deals, provides insights and techniques that have proven effective in practice.

This in-depth course not only teaches the fundamentals of BRR, including deal sourcing, finance, refurbishment, and refinancing, but also includes practical tools like contracts, templates, and a variety of spreadsheets to directly apply to your business.

It also features extensive modules on marketing, legal compliance, location analysis, finance options, and tenant management, making it a full package for anyone looking to master BRR property strategy.

The Fontaine Brothers Testimonials

@daddylonglease 6 weeks, 1 amazing deal! 🚀 From fresh rookie to deal-closer in record time! 🏡💥Massive shoutout to the @Fontaine Brothers for putting out the most amazing course and being the support that we need ! 🙌✨ Let's keep working on these deals! 🎉 #DaddyLongLease #DealSourcing #PropertyUK #PropertyInvestor #Success ♬ Positive pop rock track(1229146) - DE

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Aspire Education, Jamie York

Aspire Education By Jamie York Class

Aspire Education Review

The Elite Property Trading Academy (EPTA) by Aspire Education is a structured 84-day program designed to guide individuals through the complexities of property investment.

This CPD-accredited course combines over 100 hours of training across 12 comprehensive modules with an additional six bonus mastermind sessions, supplemented by extensive mentoring hours.

Aimed at providing a deep dive into a variety of investment strategies and essential industry insights, EPTA equips participants with the necessary tools for building a successful property portfolio or business.

Participants will also gain access to an exclusive accountability group and opportunities for joint ventures, enhancing both learning and networking experiences.

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Upon completion, graduates become part of the Aspire Nation Group, a network of property professionals and pioneers, fostering continued growth and collaboration.

EPTA’s curriculum is delivered by experienced professionals who have collectively sold over £75 million worth of property, ensuring that learners receive practical insights and actionable advice.

The program emphasizes a results-driven approach, offering personalized support for career development, including CV enhancement and interview preparation.

EPTA represents a significant investment in personal and professional development, aiming to broaden participants’ knowledge base, expand their professional network, and equip them with the strategies to succeed in the property market.

Aspire Education Location

Aspire Education Testimonials

If you are reading testimonials to make a purchase decision, I have no hesitation to recommend Jamie. Furthermore, if I were you, I would grab the opportunity NOW. You deserve the short-cut to financial freedom in property. He is the best property educator, who is active in property and will readily show you current deals and its deal analysis.


Jamie, Dan and the team put together training which is meticulously prepared, bang up to date and delivered with passion . They are highly successful property entrepreneurs who are providing you with a roadmap to success. No stone is left unturned. No question is left unanswered. Get on it. Quick. Before they change their mind...


Jamie York and the Aspire Education team will give you more than anyone else in the property investment market. FACT. I’ve been on other courses but none come close to the level of commitment, enthusiasm, content, and visibility that these guys show. The team work on a value first principal that has been demonstrated since day one. The course has pre recorded guides to follow, but most importantly the live interactions and live modules is where the EPTA stands out. All questions will be answered fully by the team and other course attendees which makes the potential for learning exponential! Jamie, Dan, Sam, and Kadey offer a very personable experience and if you ask for more - you will get it. No extra costs or cross selling to another course because that wasn’t in the remit of this course. Just pure value and no BS approach!

MR L Parkins


Contact Aspire Education

Progressive Property

Progressive Property

Progressive Property Review

Property Investing Property Training Courses

Progressive Property UK, established in 2006 by Rob Moore and Mark Homer, stands as a pioneering force in the UK property investment landscape.

Initially conceived to fill the educational gap in the property market, the company quickly gained recognition for its innovative approach.

Over the years, it has expanded its offerings to include seminars, workshops, online courses, mentorship programs, and notably, practical tools like the flip property calculator and bridging loan calculator. These calculators are designed to provide investors with clear insights into the financial implications of their investment decisions, reflecting Progressive Property UK’s commitment to equipping individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the property market confidently. With a focus on practical strategies and market insights, they continue to be a trusted resource for investors seeking to build wealth through property.

Progressive Property Location

Progressive Property Testimonials

I'm grateful for your invaluable assistance throughout this process.

Your empathy, tactical expertise, and professionalism were reassuring. It highlights the importance of using a buying agent when searching for a London home.

Not leveraging your services would be a significant oversight in the competitive London market.



Your team's expertise exceeded our expectations. Without you, we couldn't imagine where we'd be in this process.

I wouldn't be here, writing from our dream home, without your guidance. It's incredible that the first house you showed us became our home, all thanks to your efficient search, even uncovering an off-market gem.

Choosing your services ranks among our best decisions. Grateful.


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Contact Progressive Property


Touchstone Education

Wealth Academy Wealth Building Academy Touchstone

Touchstone Education Review

Touchstone Education, a renowned institution in the field of property investment education founded in 2009 by Paul and Aniko Smith, has since its inception been dedicated to providing comprehensive training and support for aspiring property investors.

Through a variety of programs, including seminars, workshops, online courses, and mentorship opportunities, the company equips individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in the property market.

A key aspect of their curriculum includes in-depth guidance on bridging finance and bridging loans, critical financial instruments for investors looking to navigate short-term funding gaps in their investment projects.

With a focus on practical strategies and market insights, Touchstone Education continues to play a pivotal role in empowering investors to achieve their financial goals in the UK property market, ensuring they are well-versed in leveraging bridging finance options to enhance their investment success.

Touchstone Education Location

Touchstone Education Testimonials

"Exceptional and Friendly Service from a Birmingham Investment Company.

We are thrilled to share our experience with this outstanding investment company in Birmingham. Right from our initial phone call, we received clear expectations and were pleasantly surprised by their commitment to delivering on promises. The team exceeded our expectations with their swift, professional, and exceptionally friendly customer service.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Peter and Anita and look forward to entrusting them with all our upcoming property ventures. Their service has left us thoroughly impressed and confident in our future collaborations."

"An Outstanding Experience with Pet: Highly Recommended

Our experience working with Pet has been nothing short of exceptional. We highly recommend their services – they are incredibly trustworthy, honest, and possess a wealth of knowledge."

22 Touchstone Education Overview LinkedIn

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Saj White Logo

Saj Hussain

Saj Hussain Review

Saj Hussain, a distinguished figure in the property investment arena, established his namesake platform with a clear mission: to empower individuals to harness the potential of property for financial prosperity.

Since its inception, Saj Hussain has guided and mentored over 3,000 aspiring investors, providing them with the expertise, tools, and resources necessary to thrive in the property market.

With a focus on practical strategies and personalized support, his platform has enabled numerous investors to achieve remarkable success, securing financial freedom and realizing their wealth-building goals.

Join Saj Hussain’s community today to embark on a transformative journey towards property investment success and financial abundance.

Saj Hussain Location

Saj Hussain Testimonials

Saj Hussain Wealth Academy Google Maps

Brilliant 2 day Find It Fund It workshop by Saj. Saj and his team is amazing. Saj has a lot of knowledge in the property sector. We learnt about so many different strategies and ways to fund them. I left the room with a clear vision going forward and stepping onto the Property Ladder. I highly recommend Saj.

Azam Shafa

Great Course. Saj is very knowledgable and helpful. Would highly recommend the Course and networking events.

Runee K

Snapedit 1707759556365

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Investment Property

Leading Property Investment Expertise Investment Property UK

Investment Property Review

Investment Property, established in 2005, has cemented its position as a leading online hub for property investors in the UK.

Over the years, the platform has amassed a vast wealth of knowledge and experience, serving millions of users seeking to navigate the property market successfully.

With a comprehensive database of over 50,000 property listings and a user base exceeding 1 million, offers unparalleled access to investment opportunities nationwide.

Furthermore, the platform boasts a rich history of providing valuable insights and resources, including market analyses, expert articles, and educational materials, to empower investors at every stage of their journey.

As a trusted source of information and guidance, continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of property investment in the UK.

Investment Property Locations

Investment Property Testimonials

Excellent work on a number of complex financial appraisals. Thank you for your support.

Mr D Charles

Great course covering the essentials of property development appraisals, well worth it, many thanks.

James Batty
Property Training Courses Property Investment Courses

Contact Investment Property

New Era

New Era Property Training

Rick Gannon Property Investor Training

New Era Property Training Review

New Era Property Training, established by industry expert Rick Gannon in 2012, swiftly emerged as a prominent force in property education within the UK.

Committed to democratizing property investment knowledge, the platform offers a diverse array of training programs, workshops, and online courses tailored to cater to the needs of both novice and seasoned investors.

Over the years, New Era Property Training has empowered thousands of individuals with practical strategies, market insights, and hands-on experience crucial for success in the property market.

With a steadfast focus on innovation and excellence, the platform continues to expand its influence, serving as a trusted resource for investors seeking to attain financial freedom through property.

Investment Property Location

Hi, I'm Rick Gannon. I can accelerate your property investing journey. In 1 year of working with me, you can achieve what most property investors take 10 years to realise in wealth and cashflow.

New Era Property Training Testimonials

It will help me to get organized and keep track of all my tenants while making sure I fulfil all the legal requirements. It will save me lots of time too

Abi Holgate

Contact New Era Property Training

Where On Earth Do I Start In Property
Peterjones Online Logo

Peter Jones - The Property Teacher

The Property Teacher Review

The Property Teacher,  also known as Peter Jones, is an esteemed figure in property investment circles.

As an ex-Chartered Surveyor, Peter Jones brings a wealth of professional expertise to his role as an educator and mentor.

With a personal touch, he has directly influenced the lives of over 5,000 aspiring investors, imparting invaluable knowledge and guidance. Through his teachings, individuals have gained the confidence, skills, and resources needed to navigate the property market successfully.

Emphasizing practical strategies and proven methodologies, The Property Teacher, under Peter Jones’ guidance, has facilitated the achievement of financial independence and wealth creation for countless investors.

Connect with The Property Teacher today to embark on your journey towards property investment mastery and financial freedom.

The Property Teacher Location

The Property Teacher Testimonials

After reading two of Peter Jones most inspiring eBooks, I met up with Peter on a pay for a day’s mentoring in Nottingham, through which I was quickly able to ascertain my strategies and goals to allow me to build an income generating property portfolio with the aim of being financially free in the very near future. “a much cheaper alternative to spending thousands of pounds on those seminar type courses” and ongoing support if needed. Thank you.

Sean F, South London

“yes our chat definitely helped – yes you’re right not quite the strategy I was expecting but I was keen to have a property professional check it over and it is far better I know I have the right strategy before I continue than realise in another 3 years time it’s wrong! It shows the importance of comparing the financial results back to the target and making sure it fits I reckon.”

David, Surrey

The Property Teacher Peter Jones YouTube

Contact The Property Teacher

Assets For Life

Assets For Life

Assets For Life Review

Assets for Life, founded by property investment experts Liam Ryan and Jay Munoz in 2006, has swiftly risen to prominence as a leading provider of property investment education in the UK.

With a dedication to empowering individuals to achieve financial independence through property, the platform offers a comprehensive range of training programs, seminars, and mentorship opportunities.

Assets for Life has equipped countless investors with practical strategies, market insights, and invaluable resources essential for success in the property market.

With a commitment to innovation and excellence, the platform continues to expand its reach, serving as a trusted guide for investors on their journey to building wealth through property.

Assets For Life Location

Assets For Life Testimonials

“yes our chat definitely helped – yes you’re right not quite the strategy I was expecting but I was keen to have a property professional check it over and it is far better I know I have the right strategy before I continue than realise in another 3 years time it’s wrong! It shows the importance of comparing the financial results back to the target and making sure it fits I reckon.”

David, Surrey

After reading two of Peter Jones most inspiring eBooks, I met up with Peter on a pay for a day’s mentoring in Nottingham, through which I was quickly able to ascertain my strategies and goals to allow me to build an income generating property portfolio with the aim of being financially free in the very near future. “a much cheaper alternative to spending thousands of pounds on those seminar type courses” and ongoing support if needed. Thank you.

Sean F, South London

Contact Assets For Life

Assets For Life YouTube

Concluding our exploration of the UK’s top property investment educators, it’s evident that the path to mastering the intricacies of real estate investment is richly served by a diverse array of property experts.

Each educator brings a unique blend of experience, strategy, and insight, making the journey towards financial freedom in the property market accessible and enlightening.

Whether you’re a novice eager to make your first investment or a seasoned investor looking to diversify your portfolio, the guidance of these professionals offers invaluable resources for success.

As the property investment landscape continues to evolve, staying informed and educated remains paramount.

We encourage our readers to engage with these educators, leveraging their expertise to navigate the complexities of the market confidently.

Remember, the right education is not just an investment in property but an investment in your future.

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