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As I delved into the intricate world of real estate investment, I found myself overwhelmed by the myriad factors at play. The puzzle seemed complex, with missing pieces that could lead to financial pitfalls.

It was at this juncture that I discovered, a revolutionary tool designed to empower real estate investors. This personal story encapsulates my journey and the pivotal role that’s property deal analyzer played in reshaping my approach to real estate.

Real Estate Investment - 1st Year Metrics

Embarking on the platform, I simply input the property address, setting the stage for the Deal Analyzer’s magic. It meticulously produced crucial First Year Metrics by considering parameters such as purchase price, expected monthly rent, renovation costs, closing costs, and more.

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Lendlord Deal Analyzer's First Year Projection

Property Purchase Details:

Before diving into real estate, grasp essential financial metrics. Net Annual Cash Flow (Monthly) gives a monthly breakdown of profitability.

Cash on Cash assesses returns on invested cash. Gross Yield (Net) gauges income potential by comparing annual rental income to property value.

First Year ROI and Cap Rate, calculated by, offer insights into initial profitability and overall return potential. These metrics are vital for making informed and precise decisions in real estate investments.

  1. Net Annual Cash Flow (Monthly):’s intuitive system unveiled the net cash flow, offering a monthly breakdown and a lucid view of the property’s profitability.

  2. Cash on Cash: This metric evaluated my cash investment against the net cash flow, providing a detailed calculation of my returns.

  3. Gross Yield (Net): By comparing annual rental income to the property’s overall value, Gross Yield (Net) demonstrated the property’s potential.

  4. First Year ROI: calculated the Return on Investment for the first year, empowering me to assess the project’s profitability.

  5. Cap Rate: The Capitalization Rate allowed me to gauge the property’s potential return on investment, encompassing both short and long-term gains.

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Loan Details:

Entering loan details became a breeze, including Loan to Value (LTV), deposit, mortgage rate, mortgage fees, loan amount required, mortgage term, and monthly mortgage payment.’s comprehensive overview clarified my financial commitment and potential loan structures.

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Operating Expenses:

Monthly operating expenses like property management fees, landlord insurance, utilities, maintenance, and HOA fees were seamlessly factored in.’s consideration of these costs provided a realistic assessment of the property’s financial landscape.

Long Term Metrics:’s Deal Analyzer extended its prowess beyond the initial investment, offering Long Term Metrics for up to 15 years.

Real Estate Investment - Long Term Metrics’s Deal Analyzer extended its prowess beyond the initial investment, offering Long Term Metrics for up to 15 years.

Long Term Metrics
Lendlord's Deal Analyzer Long Term Metrics
  1. Long Term ROI: This metric projected the Return on Investment over an extended period, providing insights into the property’s future profitability.

  2. IRR (Internal Rate of Return): IRR offered a holistic view of profitability, factoring in cash flow and property appreciation.

  3. Equity Multiple: Calculating potential equity multiple, emphasized the property’s value increase over time.

  4. Equity: The tool showcased the property’s overall equity, a vital factor in long-term financial planning.

  5. DCR (Debt Coverage Ratio): factored in the property’s Debt Coverage Ratio, ensuring a balanced approach to mortgage repayments.

  6. GRM (Gross Rent Multiplier): Assessing the property’s value concerning rental income, GRM aided in investment decision-making.

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Long Term Assumptions

Long Term Assumptions: also considered Long Term Assumptions, including holding period, occupancy rate, annual property appreciation, annual rent appreciation, and annual inflation. Fine-tuning these parameters resulted in Long Term Metrics aligned with my investment goals.

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Property Postcode Information

A unique feature of’s Deal Analyzer is its provision of vital information about the property’s postcode. Historical capital growth, property demand, rental demand, schools, local demographics, and more contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the property’s surroundings.

Estimate Your Property Value: The property analysis tool effortlessly estimates the property’s value, providing critical information about the potential investment.

Instant Relevant Information:’s Deal Analyzer provides instant access to crucial information about the prospect property, including size, EPC level, property type, and more.

Short and Long Term Metrics: With’s Deal Analyzer, I not only received short-term insights but also long-term metrics that proved invaluable in evaluating the property’s investment potential.

Lendlord's Property Deal Analyzer Explained by Jamie York

Conclusion: became my indispensable companion, guiding me through the intricate world of real estate investment.

From the crucial First Year Metrics to the Long Term Metrics, the platform’s comprehensive analysis transformed uncertainty into calculated success.

The integration of postcode information, property value estimation, and instant access to relevant details reinforced as an all-encompassing solution. As I approached meetings with real estate agents and mortgage companies, armed with precise data, I secured better deals and rates. emerged as the key to unlocking my investment potential, a testament to its indispensable role in any real estate journey.

Don’t embark on your real estate adventure without the prowess of – it’s the bridge between aspiration and achievement.

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