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Top Property Influencers - Australia

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Embarking on the journey of property investing in Australia can feel like stepping into a labyrinth of choices and complexities. From understanding the market trends to deciphering the nuances of property sourcing, the path to success can seem daunting.

But fear not, for we’ve curated a guide to the top Australian property influencers who can illuminate your path and inspire your journey in the real estate realm.

These influencers have not only amassed knowledge and experience in the Australian property market but have also established themselves as guiding lights for aspiring investors.

Join us as we delve into the insights and expertise of these influential figures, offering invaluable advice on property sourcing, market analysis, investment strategies, and more.

Whether you’re a novice investor or a seasoned pro, their wisdom will undoubtedly enrich your understanding and bolster your confidence in navigating Australia’s dynamic property landscape.

Furthermore, we’ll navigate through the best property websites in Australia, equipping you with the essential resources to kickstart your property investment journey with clarity and purpose.

So, let’s dive into the world of Australian real estate and embark on a journey towards financial prosperity and property success.

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Belinda Botzolis

Belinda Botzolis Australia Top Property Influencers
Add Valuer Your Expert In Property Valuation

About Belinda Botzolis

Meet Belinda Botzolis, an influential Certified Practicing Valuer and social media star, who is reshaping how Australians approach property investments.

With a remarkable track record of inspecting and valuing over 15,000 properties valued at more than $12 billion, Belinda has established herself as a top authority in the real estate valuation field.

Beyond her impressive professional credentials, including her role as a Registered Tax Agent and QS Division expert, Belinda’s online persona, “The Valuer,” has captivated over 15 million views on TikTok.

Here, she breaks down complex property concepts into accessible, actionable advice, helping followers make informed decisions and enhance their wealth.

Renowned for her personalized approach and strategic insights, Belinda Botzolis stands out as a key influencer in the Australian property landscape, guiding clients with precision and a genuine passion for real estate empowerment

Rsz Add Valuer Your Expert In Property Valuation

Why Belinda Botzolis?

Belinda Botzolis emerges as a prominent figure in’s feature on “Top Australian Property Influencers,” showcasing her extensive influence in the real estate sector.

With over 17 years of experience as a Certified Practicing Valuer, Belinda has personally inspected and valued more than 15,000 properties, cumulatively worth over $12 billion.

Her diverse skill set extends to roles as a Registered Tax Agent and a specialist in the Quantity Surveying Division, making her a trusted authority in property valuation.

Renowned on social media as “The Valuer,” Belinda simplifies complex property investment concepts for her substantial following.

Her engaging and informative TikTok videos have amassed over 15 million views, proving her prowess in making intricate property valuation and investment strategies accessible and understandable.

Belinda’s approachable style, combined with rigorous professional expertise, positions her as a leading voice in helping Australians navigate the complexities of property investment, ensuring informed decisions that lead to wealth growth.

This unique blend of digital influence and professional depth makes Belinda Botzolis a key influencer in Australia’s property landscape, as celebrated on’s esteemed platform.

Belinda Botzolis - Testimonials

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Ravi Sharma

Top Australian Property Influencers Ravi Sharma
Investment Property Buyers Agent Search Property Australia 1

About Ravi Sharma

Ravi Sharma is revolutionizing the Australian property market as one of the top influencers in real estate, spotlighted in’s esteemed article on “Top Australian Property Influencers.”

At the helm of Search Property, a buyer’s agency renowned for its focus on high cashflow properties, Ravi has rapidly accrued a portfolio of 13 properties before the age of 30.

His popular YouTube channel, “Personal Finance with Ravi Sharma,” educates over 64,500 subscribers on creating sustainable property investments and personal finance management.

Recognized as a finalist for REB’s Buyer’s Agency of the Year (2023) and the Rising Star Finalist Award (2023), Ravi’s influence is characterized by his strategic insights and dedication to empowering Australians through education in property investment and economic literacy.

Personal Finance Australian Real Estate Tips Facebook
Ravi's Professional Facebook Group

Why Ravi Sharma?

Ravi Sharma stands out as a transformative figure in the property investment landscape.

As the founder of Search Property buyer’s agency, Ravi has rapidly ascended as a leading voice in real estate, notably securing 13 properties by the age of 28.

His robust YouTube channel, “Personal Finance with Ravi Sharma,” which boasts over 64,500 followers, offers frequent deep-dives into the intricacies of real estate investment, cryptocurrency, and broader economic trends, aiding viewers in developing robust investment portfolios.

Ravi’s journey in real estate began at 22 without formal guidance, teaching him lessons that are now foundational to his agency’s success.

Leading a team of over 15 experts, Ravi excels in strategizing investment in high cashflow and growth-driven properties, both in regional and metropolitan markets.

His dual recognition as a finalist for REB’s Buyer’s Agency of the Year (2023) and the Rising Star Finalist Award (2023) underscores his innovative approach and substantial impact on the industry.

His educational outreach extends beyond YouTube, fostering a vibrant community where members exchange valuable tips for financial success.

Whether it’s purchasing a first home, augmenting income, or mastering personal finance, Ravi’s influence resonates deeply with those aiming to achieve financial independence and enhance their quality of life through savvy property investment.

This distinct blend of personal success, expert guidance, and community leadership makes Ravi Sharma a pivotal figure on’s roster of top Australian property influencers.

Ravi Sharma - Testimonials

Investment Property Buyers Agent Search Property Australia 4
Investment Property Buyers Agent Search Property Australia 3
Investment Property Buyers Agent Search Property Australia 2
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Tom Panos

Tom Panos Top Australian Property Influebcers Article
Home Tom Panos

About Tom Panos

Tom Panos, celebrated as Australasia’s premier real estate coach and trainer, takes a prominent spot in’s article on “Top Australian Property Influencers.”

As the innovative founder of the #RealEstateGym and a revered figure in the property sector, Tom has decisively influenced the industry’s coaching and training landscape.

His tailored programs and insightful strategies, drawn from his extensive observation of Australia’s top real estate salespeople, have positioned him as a leader in transforming agent performance and business growth.

Known for his dynamic presence both as an auctioneer and a keynote speaker at major real estate conferences, Tom Panos’s approach not only encapsulates the essence of effective real estate marketing but also delivers proven results in vendor paid advertising, making him a pivotal influence in shaping modern real estate practices in Australia.

Why Tom Panos?

Tom Panos is distinguished as one of Australia’s leading property influencers, highlighted in’s “Top Australian Property Influencers” article.

As the founder of the renowned #RealEstateGym and a highly sought-after coach and trainer across Australasia, Tom has profoundly impacted the real estate industry.

His ability to distill the critical behaviors of top-performing real estate salespeople, who generate over $1 million in Gross Commission Income, into actionable strategies has made him a pivotal figure in real estate training.

Tom’s extensive experience includes roles such as Head Coach for REB, a celebrated auctioneer, and a prolific podcaster and author.

His insights are not just theoretical; they are based on evidence and the successful application in the field, which has earned him accolades and endorsements from top industry leaders.

With a focus on high-impact sales techniques and vendor paid marketing, Tom Panos not only teaches agents how to excel but also how to transform their approach to maximize results in any market condition, making him an essential voice in Australian real estate.

Tom Panos - Testimonials

Home Tom Panos 1
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Michael Yardney

Rsz Australias 1 Property Investing Event 2020
Michael Yaedeny Featured In
As Featured In

About Michael Yardeney

Michael Yardney is a venerated figure in the Australian property market, prominently featured in’s “Top Australian Property Influencers” article.

Known for his profound insights into wealth creation through property, Yardney has been recognized as one of Australia’s 50 most influential thought leaders.

With a storied career spanning over two decades, he has mentored more than 3,000 businesspeople, investors, and entrepreneurs, imparting strategies that challenge conventional financial advice.

His articles and insights appear on numerous prestigious platforms, enhancing his reputation as the go-to expert for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of property investment and personal finance.

As the leader of a highly sought-after mentorship program, Yardney shares his expert knowledge on building substantial property portfolios, making him a pivotal influencer in shaping the financial futures of countless Australians.

Why Michael Yardney?

Michael Yardney, a preeminent authority on wealth creation through real estate, is featured in’s insightful article Top Australian Property Influencers.

Yardney, recognized as one of Australia’s 50 most influential thought leaders, stands out for his deep understanding of the psychology of success and wealth creation.

With over two decades of experience, he has mentored more than 3,000 individuals, shaping them into successful investors and entrepreneurs.

His approach transcends traditional real estate strategies by incorporating robust psychological elements that foster wealth generation.

Yardney’s influence is further amplified by his active role as a property investor and developer, navigating through five property cycles successfully, which substantiates his methods and teachings.

His mentorship program, celebrated for transforming theoretical knowledge into practical wealth-building strategies, has positioned him as Australia’s leading property educator, making him an indispensable voice in property investment and personal financial success.

Michael Yardney - Testimonials

Michael Yardney S Mentorship Program
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Luke Wiles

Luke Wiles YouTube

About Luke Wiles

Luke Wiles is rapidly shaping up as a pivotal figure among Australia’s top property influencers, as featured on’s distinguished list.

Before the age of 27, together with his wife Emily, Wiles masterfully built a $5 million property portfolio through astute buying strategies, hands-on renovations, and effective risk management.

The founder of Purpose Property, a Brisbane-based buyers agency, Wiles combines his credentials as a Registered Chartered Accountant and Buyers Agent with a deep understanding of the Southeast Queensland property market to deliver tailored, strategic advice to his clients.

His commitment to transparency and education, coupled with a track record of real-world success, makes him a beacon for anyone aiming to make informed, life-changing property investments in Australia.

Credit: Luke Wiles YouTube Channel: Brisbane’s Most OVERPRICED Suburbs & where to buy instead

Purpose Property Buyers Agents Brisbane QLD Facebook
Luke Wiles' Facebook Page: Purpose Property Buyers Agents

Why Luke Wiles?

Michael Luke Wiles stands out on’s Top Australian real estate Influencers blog post for his strategic acumen in the real estate sector.

Alongside his wife Emily, Wiles has built a formidable $5 million property portfolio before the age of 27 through a blend of astute purchasing, hands-on renovations, and meticulous risk management.

As the founder of Purpose Property, a Brisbane-based buyers agency, Wiles leverages his experience and qualifications as a Chartered Accountant and Buyers Agent to provide personalized, results-driven services tailored to the unique financial goals of each client.

His transparency in sharing both successes and lessons from his journey offers invaluable insights to those looking to navigate the complexities of real estate investment.

His commitment to empowering clients with knowledge to make informed decisions cements his status as a trusted leader in the Australian real estate industry

Luke Wiles - Testimonials

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PK Gupta - Australian Property Mastery

About PK Gopta

Meet PK Gupta, a prominent figure in the Australian real estate landscape, whose innovative approach to property investment has positioned him as a leading influencer in the industry.

Based in Brisbane, Gupta has successfully built a substantial portfolio that encompasses residential and commercial properties, alongside lucrative development projects.

Australian Property Mastery With PK Gupta YouTube

His strategy uniquely combines high-growth residential properties with high-cashflow development initiatives, propelling both his and his clients’ passive income to impressive six-figure sums annually.

A former investment banker with expertise in data-driven analysis, Gupta has transformed property investment with his rigorous, no-nonsense approach.

Leading a vibrant community of over 30,000 on YouTube and managing a private Facebook group with more than 40,000 members, he provides invaluable insights, making him a go-to resource for families, ambitious young professionals, and budding buyers’ agents across Australia.

Why PK Gupta?

PK Gupta is heralded as a standout figure in’s Top Australian Property Influencers article, thanks to his innovative Property Investment Accelerator.

This unique program empowers individuals to achieve passive income through strategic, data-driven property investment.

PK’s approach is grounded in a scientific method that eschews traditional, often opinion-based, investment strategies for a systematic analysis of market dynamics.

His course simplifies complex investment processes, allowing clients to confidently pinpoint top-performing properties across Australia.

PK’s methodical teachings on suburb and property selection, valuation, and negotiation are designed to maximize both capital growth and cash flow, making him an essential resource for both budding and seasoned investors aiming to optimize their property portfolios.

PK Gupta - Testimonials

Property Investment Accelerator Course Mentorship Program 1
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Dymphna Boholt

Dymphna Boholt Top Australia Real Estate Influencers By Lendlord
Property Investment Accelerator Course Mentorship Program

About Dymphna Boholt

Dymphna Boholt is prominently featured in’s “Top Australian Property Influencers” article, revered for her transformative impact on the real estate investment landscape.

From her humble beginnings on a farm in Central Queensland to becoming a trailblazing property investor and revered educator, Boholt’s journey is nothing short of inspirational.

She is renowned for her deep expertise in asset protection and property investing, providing regular insights through her popular ‘I Love Real Estate’ YouTube channel. Dymphna’s approach is holistic, focusing not only on financial gains but also on educating investors about asset protection and tax strategies.

Her extensive experience and successful career transitions, which include creating a multi-million dollar property portfolio that replaced her accountant income within a year, position her as a formidable force in empowering others to achieve financial independence.

This makes Dymphna Boholt a pivotal figure for anyone looking to navigate the complexities of real estate with confidence and success.

Home Dymphna Boholt

Why Dymphna Boholt?

Dymphna Boholt stands out as a luminary in’s “Top Australian Real Estate Influencers,” renowned for her expansive expertise in asset protection and property investing.

With a robust background that transitions from jillaroo to an astute property investor, Boholt has cultivated a multi-million dollar international property portfolio that underscores her profound influence in the real estate sector.

Her unique educational approach, encapsulated in her “I Love Real Estate” platform, combines insightful updates on market trends with comprehensive training events across Australia and New Zealand, empowering thousands with the tools for financial success.

Dymphna’s methodical emphasis on data-driven investment strategies and her prolific output as an author and mentor make her an indispensable resource for anyone looking to navigate the complexities of property investment and wealth creation.

Her significant contributions to the field, coupled with her dynamic public speaking and media presence, solidify her status as a top influencer in the Australian real estate landscape.

Dymphna Boholt - Testimonials

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Ben & Simon Everingham

Pumped On Property YouTube 1

About Ben & Simon Everingham

Ben and Simon Everingham, leading figures in the Australian property market, have carved a niche as influential property advisors through their company, Pumped On Property.

Since 2015, they have guided over a thousand investors to acquire more than $485 million in investment properties across Australia.

The Everinghams’ approach is deeply rooted in a philosophy that promotes financial independence and a fulfilling lifestyle.

Their strategic acumen in the property sector is demonstrated by their impressive track record, helping clients build robust property portfolios.

With a background that blends personal passion with professional expertise, Ben and Simon have become pivotal players in shaping how Australians invest in property, focusing on both metro and major regional markets.

Pumped On Property Brisbane S Top Buyers Agent

Why Ben & Simon Everingham?

In the bustling realm of Australian real estate, Ben and Simon Everingham stand out as distinguished influencers, as highlighted on’s blog post: Top Australian Real Estate Influencers.

‘The Everinghams’ combined prowess and dedication have propelled their firm, Pumped On Property, into a commanding position since its inception in 2015.

With a sterling track record of facilitating the purchase of over $485 million worth of investment properties, their success is underpinned by a profound understanding of the market dynamics across both metropolitan and major regional landscapes.

Their strategy, refined through years of personal investment and professional engagements, emphasizes purchasing quality, tenant-ready properties that promise long-term growth and are strategically located near major urban or coastal areas.

Their approach is not just about acquiring assets but about crafting investment pathways that are financially sound, potentially cash flow positive, and timed impeccably with market conditions. This holistic strategy, coupled with their commitment to educating and guiding investors towards financial freedom, marks them as key figures in the Australian property investment scene.

Their narratives of personal and professional evolution, underscored by a deep-seated belief in the power of property investment to transform lives, enrich their status as influential leaders in the field.

Ben & Simon Everingham - Testimonials

Reviews — Pumped On Property
Reviews — Pumped On Property 1

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