Top 50 Property Podcasts in The US

Welcome to the Top 50 Property Podcasts in The US, an exclusive compilation that brings together the finest podcasts for real estate investors, entrepreneurs, and anyone fascinated by the dynamic world of real estate. 

Here, you will find a treasure trove of invaluable knowledge and inspiration.

Through these podcasts, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in insightful interviews with seasoned investors, gaining wisdom from their years of experience and success.

Additionally, you’ll discover practical strategies and cutting-edge techniques that can empower you to build substantial wealth through real estate.

No matter your real estate journey, whether you’re just starting or an experienced investor, these podcasts cater to a diverse range of interests and objectives.

If your goal is to scale your portfolio and take it to new heights, the podcasts have got you covered.

If you’re determined to achieve financial freedom and take control of your future, there are podcasts tailor-made for your ambitions.

Man Wearing White Headphones Listening To Podcast

And even if you’re simply curious about the latest industry trends and developments, you’ll find podcasts that cater to your thirst for knowledge.

Join us on this exciting expedition as we delve deep into the captivating realm of real estate investing.

The diverse array of podcasts featured here promises to enrich your understanding and elevate your business to unprecedented levels of success.

So, grab your headphones and embark on this journey, where opportunities abound and possibilities await you at every turn.

The world of real estate investing is yours to explore, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way!

Top 50 Property Podcasts in The US

1. BiggerPockets The Real Estate Podcast

1. BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

The BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast” hosted by David Greene and Rob Abasolo features insightful interviews with seasoned real estate investors and entrepreneurs. 

Listeners gain practical strategies, news analysis, and coaching calls on diverse real estate niches. This #1 real estate investing podcast airs every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

David Greene, a former police officer, brings 10 years’ real estate expertise—owns 50+ properties, leads top agents, and runs an award-winning mortgage company. 

Rob Abasolo, a 12x Airbnb Superhost, builds tiny homes, glampsites; “Robuilt” YouTube, 150K+ subs, aims to quadruple doors in 2022.

2. The Graham Stephan Show

2. The Graham Stephan Show

“The Graham Stephan Show” educates listeners on finance through call-ins, where people share their financial background, seeking advice from real estate investor Graham Stephan.

The podcast offers fascinating financial stories for finance enthusiasts.

Graham Stephan, a 30-year-old real estate agent and investor, started his career at 18. With $130,000,000+ in residential real estate sales since 2008, he shares successes, failures, and experiences in real estate and the stock market.

Running a top Personal Finance YouTube channel with 10,000,000+ monthly views and 4 Million subscribers.

3. The UpFlip Podcast

3. The UpFlip Podcast

“The UpFlip podcast” offers insights into building and running successful businesses, sharing practical advice and inspiring entrepreneurship.

 With over 150+ YouTube videos and 50 million views, UpFlip fuels the American Dream for its 700K+ audience by making knowledge accessible.

UpFlip revolutionizes real estate entrepreneurship, providing a convenient platform for investment decisions. Uncover the secrets of business success through interviews with thriving entrepreneurs on this channel.

4. Wealthy Way Podcast

4. Wealthy Way Podcast

“The Wealthy Way Podcast” empowers entrepreneurs to achieve success without sacrificing their family, faith, or health. Hosted by Ryan Pineda, the podcast features interviews with top experts in business, health, faith, and relationships, along with his personal experiences.

Ryan Pineda, a real estate expert since 2010, transitioned from being a Realtor to flipping houses in 2015.

With hundreds of home flips, rentals, and multi-million dollar businesses, he educates over a million followers on social media about building wealth and freedom.

5. Real Estate Strategies

5. Real Estate Strategies

“Real Estate Strategies with Ken McElroy” offers insights from real estate entrepreneur and CEO Ken McElroy, who shares his experiences scaling up to over $1 billion in investments. 

Alongside co-host Danille, they explore topics like entrepreneurship, investor mindset, and current events’ impact on the real estate industry, delivering candid and informative conversations.

Ken McElroy, a real estate entrepreneur, author, and speaker, started investing while in college. With an impressive property portfolio, he’s skilled in leveraging debt and managing cash flow. 

His notable partnership with Robert Kiyosaki includes co-authoring books and conducting seminars on real estate investing, making him a prominent figure in the field.

6. Learn Real Estate Investing | Lifestyles Unlimited

6. Learn Real Estate Investing

Lifestyles Unlimited is a leading real estate investing education and mentoring group, guiding individuals through the process of investing in various properties, from single-family homes to large apartment complexes, covering everything from location, evaluation, negotiation, closing, to long-term management.

Del Walmsley, founder of Houston-based Lifestyles Unlimited, retired at 34 after 2 years of real estate investing. Since 1990, he has educated thousands on achieving financial freedom through real estate. Currently, he serves as chairman of the Houston Apartment Association’s Independent Rental Owners Council while continuing to invest in real estate.

Currently, he serves as chairman of the Houston Apartment Association’s Independent Rental Owners Council while continuing to invest in real estate.

7. Think Realty podcast

7. Think Realty Podcast

Stay updated with the Think Realty Podcast, your go-to source for the latest industry trends, hard-hitting insights, and news. Thousands of real estate investment enthusiasts tune in each week to gain valuable information.

As the premier media platform for real estate investors, Think Realty offers timely news, education, exclusive events, and useful tools. We positively impact investors with accurate strategies and in-depth content throughout their real estate journey.

8. Get Rich Education

8. Get Rich Education

The show Get Rich Education creates financial freedom for busy people worldwide. With a focus on strategic passive real estate investing, you’ll learn from host Keith Weinhold, a Forbes Real Estate Council member.

The show serves actionable content for cash flow and emphasizes “Return On Time” as the bottom line, empowering you to win and grow your means.

Keith Weinhold, an international real estate investor since 2002, owns multifamily apartments, single-family homes, and agricultural real estate. The show inspires you to create wealth without being a landlord or flipper, leveraging the power of real estate to achieve financial independence.

9. Denver Investment Real Estate

9. Denver Investment Real Estate

Discover the top podcast for Denver metro real estate investing. Host Chris Lopez interviews local experts and investors, diving into residential and commercial market trends, offering insightful discussions and local updates. New episodes air every Tuesday and Thursday.

Five years ago, Chris founded Envision Advisors, helping investors purchase 200+ house hacks and selling $220 million in real estate. He supports clients with portfolio analysis while educating both new and seasoned investors through his podcast, YouTube channel, and website, guiding them to build wealth through real estate.

10. Real Estate Investing Secrets

The FlipNerd real estate investing podcast grants access to expert investors and entrepreneurs like Matt Theriault, Larry Muck, and more. Hosting successful experts from single to multi-family, wholesaling, and beyond, this podcast covers all facets of real estate investing

Mike Hambright, a professional real estate investor, mentor, and coach, shares his passion and experience through award-winning podcasts, training programs, and coaching.

Mentoring hundreds of successful investors who achieved financial freedom, he also hosts the Real Estate Investor VIP Show, interviewing VIPs in a relaxed, casual format.

11. Lifetime Cash Flow Through Real Estate Investing

11. Lifetime Cash Flow Through Real Estate Investing

The Lifetime Cash Flow Through Real Estate Investing Podcast connects you with expert investors, syndicators, lenders, and advisors, sharing invaluable insights for multi-family real estate success.

Host Rod Khleif personally owns and manages 2000+ apartments and homes, blending real estate passion with philosophies for empowering success.

Rod Khleif’s podcast adds value to its listeners, guiding them towards financial success through real estate. With interviews and advice, it equips the audience for multi-family real estate success.

12. Investing in Real Estate with Clayton Morris

12. Investing In Real Estate With Clayton Morris

Investing in Real Estate,” hosted by Clayton Morris, focuses on buy and hold rental properties for passive income. Clayton shares proven methods for acquiring rental real estate, building net worth, and achieving financial freedom. 

The podcast includes expert interviews, case studies, and Clayton’s strategies for passive income through turnkey rentals and discounted properties.

As a real estate investor and financial news host, Clayton Morris spreads awareness about financial issues and opportunities. Morris Invest helps investors earn passive income through rental real estate.

13. One Rental At A Time

13. One Rental At A Time

“One Rental at a Time” unveils the path to financial freedom through real estate investing. Discover how holding rental properties can create a second income, freeing you from your day job. 

Thousands have transformed their lives, and you can too. What’s holding you back from achieving financial independence?

Michael Zuber, the creator of “One Rental at a Time,” understands the challenges of busy individuals interested in rental property investing. 

Overcoming the Cash Rich Asset Poor (CRAP) epidemic, he focuses on creating 25-50 Pride of Ownership Rentals annually, helping people own at least 4 Rental Properties for a brighter financial future.

14. America's Commercial Real Estate Show

14. America S Commercial Real Estate Show

America’s Commercial Real Estate Show, the leading video and podcast on commercial real estate topics, features host Michael Bull, economists, analysts, and market leaders sharing valuable intel, forecasts, and success strategies. 

If you’re involved in commercial property investment, advising, development, ownership, or renting, this show is a must-subscribe.

Host Michael Bull, CCIM, is an active commercial real estate broker licensed in nine states. He founded Bull Realty, Incorporated, with a mission to offer integrity-focused brokers and top-tier disposition marketing. 

As the creator of Commercial Agent Success Strategies, he trains brokers worldwide. Michael’s expertise spans various property types, and he speaks at conferences internationally.

15. Colorado Real Estate Podcast

15. Colorado Real Estate Podcast

The Colorado Real Estate Podcast, hosted by Erin Spradlin and James Carlson, provides inside information to navigate Colorado’s hottest real estate markets successfully. Gain insights into Denver, Colorado Springs, and surrounding areas, strategies for winning competitive deals, and the impact of developments on the state. 

Whether investing in Airbnb, house hacking, or finding your dream home, this podcast equips you with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

James and Erin, hosts of the Colorado Real Estate Podcast, are passionate about the region. James, an Airbnb expert, prioritizes clear communication. Erin enjoys assisting first-time buyers and investors with transparent, top-notch service.

16. Not Your Average Investor Show

16. Not Your Average Investor Show

With around 300 episodes, the Not Your Average Investor show simplifies rental income property investing. JWB Real Estate Capital makes it accessible to busy professionals by emphasizing cash flow, market dynamics, and the importance of people in successful investments. 

They believe in empowering clients to achieve wealth through real estate without the complexities that often deter people from starting.

JWB Real Estate Capital, founded in 2006, offers turnkey rental properties and property management for stress-free real estate investing in Jacksonville, FL. Their transparent and award-winning approach sets the industry standard for clients investing from across the world.

17. Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

17. Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

The Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show, hosted by Joe Fairless, offers expert insights, education, and timely information for active and passive investors in commercial real estate. 

From $35,000 homes to $1,900,000,000 worth of large apartment communities, Joe’s journey inspires success in this compelling investment option. Build wealth, legacy, and make a positive impact.

Joe Fairless, co-founder of Ashcroft Capital, controls over $2.7 billion in commercial real estate. His authority books and the longest-running commercial real estate podcast, The Best Ever Show, with over 30 million downloads, feature advice from industry’s most successful.

18. Epic Real Estate Investing

18. Epic Real Estate Investing

Matt Theriault, a real estate investor, entrepreneur, and author, provides wealth-building strategies through conventional and creative real estate investing. 

His podcast, the Epic Real Estate Investing serves as a comprehensive resource with step-by-step courses, offering a path to financial freedom in under a decade. Learn from Matt, and enjoy the good life while you’re still young.

Matt’s passion for real estate led him to document over 30 marketing and business growth strategies, systemizing all aspects of investing. He opened up these resources to fellow investors, creating a private community for sharing ideas and strategies.

19. Real Estate Disruptors

19. Real Estate Disruptors

Real Estate Disruptors, hosted by Steve Trang, features interviews with top real estate investors who achieve remarkable success. 

Learn the strategies of industry giants like Max Maxwell, Carlos Reyes, and more. Discover how they started, what sets them apart, and their advice for newcomers.

Steve Trang, founder of the Real Estate Disruptors movement, inspires wholesalers and agents to grow their incomes through the podcast and the OfferFast Homes app. His goal is to create 100 millionaires, focusing on helping others achieve success in the real estate industry.

20. Flipping Houses for Rookies

20. Flipping Houses For Rookies

Flipping Houses for Rookies podcast offers strategies for real estate investing, allowing you to generate reliable income. The show covers various procedures, from finding money for deals to selling houses fast. 

Hosts Bill Hawthorn and Pete share weekly insights, helping listeners become successful Professional Real Estate Transaction Artists.

Flipping Houses for Rookies empowers you to convert houses to fast cash, regardless of your financial situation. Learn simple strategies that lead to substantial paychecks and financial freedom, without the need for extensive money or credit.

21. Real Estate Investing Mastery

21. Real Estate Investing Mastery

Tune in to the Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast hosted by Joe McCall to discover real-world secrets for making a full-time income through real estate investing. 

Learn fast cash strategies like Wholesaling and Lease Options that can help you escape the 9-5 grind. Hear success stories from other investors and explore Joe’s implemented strategies for achieving financial freedom.

Joe McCall, the host of the Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast, is an author, speaker, and coach in real estate investing. He specializes in various areas, including internet marketing, raising private capital, project management, and outsourcing. Joe regularly shares his expertise at conferences and webinars nationwide.

22. CRE Clarity

22. CRE Clarity

CRE Clarity, the show for commercial real estate investors, focuses on helping you make smart decisions quickly and with clarity. 

Learn from top investors about their decision-making processes, risk management, and business plans. Whether you’re part of a GP team or an aspiring investor, this podcast is your foundation for success.

Jeremy Goodrich, founder of Shine Insurance Agency, helps protect your most important assets. He simplifies risk management and insurance to provide peace of mind. 

With the Shine Shield system, Jeremy ensures smart insurance solutions for clients, steering them away from risky tactics and unreliable policies.

23. Rants & Gems Real Estate Podcast

23. Rants   Gems Real Estate Podcast

Join Matthew Garland, aka MG The Mortgage Guy, a seasoned mortgage professional with over 20 years of experience, as he hosts the Rants & Gems Real Estate Podcast. 

This show covers everything related to real estate, including investing, news, strategies, education, and credit, leaving no topic off-limits.

Matthew Garland, also known as MG The Mortgage Guy, is a best-selling author and co-founder of EYL University and Investfest. 

With his expertise in mortgages and real estate investing, he empowers people from all walks of life to become homeowners and provides valuable insights through his Rants & Gems podcast, one of the top 50 investing podcasts worldwide.

24. 7 Figure Flipping

24. 7 Figure Flipping

Tune in to The 7 Figure Flipping Podcast with Bill Allen for insights from top real estate investors. Whether starting or scaling your journey, get actionable tips, interviews, and case studies to accelerate success in house flipping and wholesaling.

Bill Allen, a successful real estate investor, flips and wholesales over 200 deals annually in Tennessee and northern Florida. As CEO of 7 Figure Flipping, he leads mentoring groups, guiding investors to achieve financial goals.

25. The Rebel Capitalist Show


Join George Gammon in his podcast The Rebel Capitalist Show as he guides you through navigating a world influenced by central banks and governments. 

Learn how to thrive by building and protecting wealth through real estate, investing, and an in-depth understanding of economics.

George Gammon is a prominent figure on financial Twitter and YouTube, renowned for his expertise in investing, macroeconomics, and real estate.

 As an entrepreneur, he achieved remarkable success before semi-retiring at 38 to focus on real estate, remodeling and flipping properties. 

George’s passion for macroeconomics and education makes him an exceptional teacher in the field.

26. Life and Money Show

26. Life And Money Show

Join Annie Dickerson and Julie Lam, co-founders of Goodegg Investments, on their podcast as they interview guests who have achieved true wealth, financial freedom, and meaningful lives through real estate investing. 

Discover how to break free from trading time for money and design the life you desire for your family.

Julie Lam, co-founder of Goodegg Investments, focuses on buy-and-hold rentals, private lending, and passive real estate syndications. 

Annie Dickerson, COO, specializes in multifamily investing, strategic branding, and investor education. Together, they empower families to build wealth through real estate.

27. The Real Estate Guys Radio Show

27. The Real Estate Guys Radio Show

Fun and informative, The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show has been broadcasting since 1997.

Hosted by Robert Helms and Russell Gray, it delivers no-hype education and expert perspectives.

Robert Helms, a real estate investor, co-hosts with Russell Gray, a financial strategist, offering valuable insights on investment strategy and more. Praised by Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki.

28. Sotheby's International Realty Leading in Luxury Podcast

28. Sotheby S International Realty Leading In Luxury Podcast

Sotheby’s International Realty brings together exceptional sales associates worldwide, providing personalized service and local expertise. Listen to these experts share insights on various real estate topics.

Founded in 1976, Sotheby’s International Realty is a luxury real estate company with a global network of agents. Search luxury homes for sale, including houses, condos, townhomes, and villas, on our website.

29. The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience

29. The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience

Unleash your greatness with Tom Ferry’s Podcast Experience, offering motivation, knowledge, and tools for business success. 

Enjoy short mindset boosts on Mondays, legendary #TomFerryShow audio on Tuesdays, and in-depth episodes on Wednesdays, with fun and enlightening #TBT lessons on Thursdays.

Tom Ferry, the #1 ranked Real Estate Educator by Swanepoel Power 200, is the founder and CEO of Ferry International. 

With over 35,000 hours of coaching experience, he helps professionals achieve business success while maintaining a fulfilling personal life. Renowned for his charisma, Tom’s passion is inspiring professionals to reach their potential.

30. Mortgage Lending Mastery

30. Mortgage Lending Mastery

Mortgage Lending Mastery podcast offers actionable advice for real estate and mortgage professionals seeking personal and professional growth.

Jen Du Plessis, a leading expert in building world-class teams, helps high-achieving leaders and entrepreneurs break the 6-figure barrier and reach 7-figures.

With 4 decades in financial services, she’s a best-selling author, charismatic speaker, and TV show host, empowering entrepreneurs to live their legacy by developing strong leadership and powerful teams.

31. Investing in Real Estate with Lex Levinrad

31. Investing In Real Estate With Lex Levinrad

Join Lex Levinrad on the Investing in Real Estate Podcast to learn how to buy rental properties, wholesale real estate, and flip houses. Get actionable advice and concrete steps to start investing in real estate today.

Lex Levinrad, a seasoned real estate investor, has flipped over 1,000 houses. He has trained thousands of students worldwide and introduces successful investors, wholesalers, and flippers on his podcast.

32. Uncensored Real Estate Podcast

32. Uncensored Real Estate Podcast

Demystify the real estate industry with unfiltered insights on selecting agents, lenders, and companies. We provide comprehensive guidance on all aspects of real estate to empower consumers.

Brian Cardenas, a veteran loan officer since 1991, prioritizes his clients’ needs and educates them on the financing process. His commitment to providing the best solutions has made his business almost entirely referral-based for over two decades.

33. GSD Mode

33. GSD Mode

Gain insights, tips, and strategies to dominate the real estate industry and entrepreneurship. This podcast interviews real estate professionals and entrepreneurs to help them excel in their businesses.

Joshua Smith, a successful Realtor in Phoenix, Arizona, is also a serial entrepreneur. He ranks as one of the top Realtors worldwide, runs multiple successful companies, coaches over 1,000 Realtors annually, and co-owns ventures in various industries.

34. Wholesaling Hotline

34. Wholesaling Hotline

The Wholesale Hotline podcast, hosted by Brent Daniels, Jamil Damji, and Pace Morby, covers all aspects of wholesaling, creative financing, seller conversions, and more. 

Tune in on YouTube every Monday at 5 PM MST for real-life scenarios and actionable solutions to enhance your business, secure more contracts, and close more deals.

Brent Daniels, the creator of TTP (Talk To People) wholesale training, runs a multi-million dollar wholesaling business in Phoenix, AZ.

His energetic, proactive approach and passion for helping students succeed make Wholesale Hotline a valuable resource for maximizing profits in wholesaling.

35. Kevin Ward's YES Talk

35. Kevin Ward S YES Talk

Kevin Ward, an internationally recognized speaker and real estate trainer, offers top-notch coaching and training for Realtors.

Listen to his high-octane sessions on skills, strategies, systems, scripts, and the success mindset, designed to help real estate agents achieve more “Yes’s” and greater success in both their business and personal lives.

The host, Kevin, overcame his fear by diving into real estate. With determination, hard work, and a great mentor, he transformed his life and achieved massive success. Now, he trains thousands of agents annually and influences countless others through his YouTube videos.

36. Tax Smart Real Estate Investors

36. Tax Smart Real Estate Investors

The Tax Smart Real Estate Investors Podcast is dedicated to providing real estate investors and business owners with valuable tax, accounting, and finance tips.

Guests discuss complex topics, breaking them down into bite-sized chunks of knowledge in 30-60 minute episodes. The show aims to save listeners thousands of dollars per episode, respecting their valuable time.

Hall CPA, PLLC is an exclusive CPA firm serving real estate investors and business owners. From syndicators and developers closing multi-million dollar deals to small investors building portfolios, they specialize in assisting clients throughout their real estate ventures.

37. The REAL Real Estate Agent Show

37. The REAL Real Estate Agent Show

Join Aarin Chung, CEO of Community Influencer®, on the Real Estate Marketing Masters podcast and master the art of real estate marketing. 

Learn how to generate more leads, sales, and referrals to grow your business to 7-figures and beyond. Discover how being yourself, having fun, and making an impact can transform your real estate career.

Aarin Chung is the creator of the world’s largest online learning community for Realtors, teaching them to become Community Influencers. Her expertise helps agents attract leads online, nurture relationships at scale, and dominate any local market.

38. Keeping It Real Podcast

38. Secrets Of Top 1  REALTORS

Discover the secrets of top 1% real estate professionals on the Keeping It Real Podcast podcast.

Hear from successful REALTORS, brokers, and agents as they share their strategies and insights into building a thriving realty practice.

The Keeping It Real podcast was born when the host, a real estate firm owner, saw the need for mentorship in the industry.

With interviews of successful agents, it offers valuable advice and inspiration to all real estate professionals, no matter their experience level or brokerage.

39. The REtipster Podcast

39. The REtipster Podcast

Learn the secrets of successful real estate investing with the REtipster Podcast. Seth Williams, a seasoned land investor and rental property owner, shares valuable strategies and business essentials for both new and experienced investors.

 Discover how to achieve financial freedom without risking your life savings and stay ahead of the curve in your real estate profession.

Seth Williams, founder of REtipster, is a professional real estate investor dedicated to teaching self-motivated individuals how to make lucrative investments in real estate while minimizing risk.

His podcast offers valuable insights and guidance for aspiring investors to achieve success in the industry.

40. Living Off Rentals

40. Living Off Rentals

Discover the power of rental property investing with the Living Off Rentals podcast. Host Kirby Atwell interviews successful investors each week to provide valuable insights, best practices, and advice to help listeners build their own high-quality rental portfolios and achieve financial freedom.

Kirby Atwell, a former US Army officer turned entrepreneur, co-founded iCandy Homes and Capital before starting Green Vet Homes, a purpose-driven company that supports veteran-related causes. 

He later joined Bunker Labs and now runs his real estate investment company while hosting the Living Off Rentals podcast.

41. The Everyday Entrepreneur

41. The Everyday Entrepreneur

Explore the world of entrepreneurship with The Everyday Entrepreneur Podcast.

Hosted by Cameron Ure, this show delves into the journeys of various business owners, from small start-ups to large organizations. 

Whether you’re building a new venture, growing a side hustle, or managing a thriving company, learn valuable insights and inspiration from everyday entrepreneurs.

Cameron Ure is a top-producing real estate specialist with a focus on achieving outstanding results for his clients. Using a door-to-door approach, he matches clients with specific property needs and creates win-win deals for buyers and sellers alike.

42. The Market Authority Show

42. The Market Authority Show

Get ready to become a Market Authority in real estate with their show! Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, they’ve got valuable tricks up their sleeve to share with you. Join them on this enlightening journey to success!

Stefanie Lugo is passionate about real estate that goes beyond the ordinary. She assists agents lacking systems and organization, seeking to boost lead flow and refine their marketing strategies.

She could implement cutting-edge social media strategies while focusing on building genuine connections and relationships that drive real estate success.

43. Mike Ferry TV Podcast

43. Mike Ferry TV Podcast

Mike Ferry, the Global Leader in Real Estate Sales Training and Coaching, presents Mike Ferry TV, offering weekly episodes on crucial real estate topics such as listing acquisition, handling objections, mindset, and more!

Achieve your success with the Mike Ferry Organization’s FREE Real Estate training series, designed to enhance your business and boost profits!

With a legacy of over 45 years, the Mike Ferry Organization empowers Real Estate professionals through Coaching and seminars, elevating their productivity and income to new heights.

44. Real Estate Training & Coaching School

44. Real Estate Training   Coaching School

Real Estate Coaching Radio, the nation’s #1 daily podcast, helps professionals from beginners to experts. Hosted by coaches Tim and Julie Harris, best-selling authors of “HARRIS Rules,” the show offers no-nonsense advice on making money in real estate.

 Gain valuable insights on scripts, listings, lead generation, and market trends. Partnered with EXP Realty, Tim and Julie’s coaching transforms careers.

Tim and Julie Harris started their real estate journey 30 years ago, aiming to share their path to success. Their playbook empowers countless professionals to achieve financial freedom. 

As recognized podcasters, featured in The Motley Fool, Inman News, and Google, Tim and Julie are eager to help you grow!

45. Real Estate Rockstars

45. Real Estate Rockstars

Real Estate Rockstars, the trusted podcast with four million downloads in 100 countries, features top performers sharing insights.

Learn from guests like Robert Kiyosaki and Barbara Corcoran. Host Aaron Amuchastegui uncovers actionable strategies bi-weekly to boost sales and commissions in real estate.

Host Aaron Amuchastegui, a real estate veteran, shares inspiring guest stories from his own journey – “broke to blessed.” He’s led successful companies and completed over 700 home transactions nationwide.

46. Massive Agent

46. Massive Agent

The Massive Agent Podcast, hosted by Dustin Brohm, is a real estate marketing podcast for agents and mortgage loan officers.

Get actionable lead generation tips and strategies for Facebook Ads, Instagram Stories, blogging, video marketing, and more. Elevate your real estate business with practical ideas and execution.

Dustin Brohm, a Salt Lake City Realtor and Founder of Search Salt Lake, is a respected speaker and contributor to Inman. He hosts the show Salt Lake Insider and runs 

His expertise has been featured on Zillow, HousingWire,, and more. Proud member of Broke Agent Media network.

47. My Flipping Life

47. My Flipping Life

Join this podcast to explore real estate investing, whether it’s a full-time venture or a side business you want to grow. Embrace the entrepreneur’s journey with all its ups and downs. 

Learn how real estate can work for anyone, and discover tips and tricks for creating a fulfilling life for you and your family through beautiful spaces.

Amber, the resident Real Estate expert and concept designer, understands the importance of elements that appeal to homebuyers. She transforms neighborhoods by focusing on how buyers live today. 

From floor plans to interior finishes, her commitment to enhancing one house at a time drives thoughtful renovations.

48. All In Entrepreneurs Podcast

48. All In Entrepreneurs Podcast

Their entrepreneurial real estate investing podcast goes beyond success stories. They share how they, self-made millionaires, overcame hurdles and achieved success in a short time. You too can succeed!

Carlos, brought illegally to the USA as a child, worked hard to become a citizen. He left a corporate job in 2013 to build his real estate investment company with partner Sal Shakir, now a national powerhouse.

Carlos owns and operates 12 companies and ventures into private equity. Living the American Dream in Arizona with his family.

49. REady2Scale

49. REady2Scale

Join Jeannette Robinson on REady2Scale by Blue Lake Capital, where successful global investors share wisdom and inspiration. 

Scale your real estate investing knowledge, business, and life as you connect with like-minded individuals. Be empowered to reach higher goals and grow your wealth for an extraordinary life!

Blue Lake Capital Group (BLG) focuses on multifamily real estate in the US. BLG handles acquisitions, dispositions, and asset management, with a value-add approach to properties.

Committed to responsible and sustainable investing, BLG fosters an equitable, diverse, and inclusive workplace culture. Private funds and institutional funds are managed by offices in Boston and Los Angeles.

50. Evolution of Confidence

50. The Evolution Of Confidence

The Evolution of Confidence inspires aspiring entrepreneurs on their journey to success. Host Mari Juliette engages with business owners, CEOs, motivational speakers, and creatives to uncover the roots of their self-assurance.

Through successes, failures, and personal connections, guests share valuable insights, enlightening listeners’ self-worth. Embrace a fresh perspective and connect emotionally with each episode, meeting people where they are.

Mari, a South Florida native, brings her motivation and positivity to assist clients in finding their ideal home or condo. With local knowledge and professionalism, she helps clients list properties or discover the perfect place to call home.

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