Stamp duty holiday led to growth in bridging activity

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Landlords and buyers rushing to complete before the stamp duty holiday started tapering off helped stabilise the bridging market in the second quarter of 2021, according to the latest Bridging Trends data.

Funding an investment purchase was the most popular use of bridging finance whilst the number of first charge bridging loans increased as buyers rushed to complete purchases. Full/source article Just a reminder that Lendlord recently launched an enhanced property “Buy to Sell” deal analyser combined with a tailor-made bridging finance options using the Lendlord online bridging lender. Available on the Lendlord platform, the BTS analyser is an addition to the property rental deal analyser, and can help property investors analyse new BTS projects, understand their finance needs and apply online for bridging finance, all on the same platform. On top of that, Lendlord users will be able to save the deal details, compare several prospect properties, receive intel on the postcode and on the property and eventually use Lendlord as a semi CRM to track the process of purchasing the property. Lendlord users who analyse the deals using the platform will be able to quickly review their bridging finance options based on the deal details and the other data already held on their Lendlord portfolio spreadsheet. In a recent live webinar, we were joined by renown property developer John Howard to discuss the BTS/flipping strategy and also to get some hints and tips for operating in a “hot” market:

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