Lendlord Finance Hub launch

We are happy to announce the launch of our new Finance Hub to deliver bespoke, automated finance recommendations to landlords based on their own personal circumstances and portfolio profile.

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The Lendlord Finance Hub provides automated recommendations for a range of financial products including Buy to Let mortgages and remortgages, bridging finance, secured loans, revolving credit for portfolios, commercial finance and landlord insurance.

Lendlord users can immediately access tailor-made recommendations based on the data they have already entered onto the platform and new visitors to the website can receive their own recommendations by completing a questionnaire online.

Lendlord provides property investors with an online platform to manage and track their portfolio details, data, and performance, whilst also identifying finance and capital raising opportunities based on a user’s specific profile. Since its launch several months ago, Lendlord has helped thousands of landlords to track the performance of their portfolios and improve the bottom line of their investments. It facilitates this by delivering smart and intelligent data and insights to support landlords in making wise investment choices, which in turn empowers them in growing high-performing, efficient, optimised, and therefore healthy portfolios.

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Lendlord provides landlords with a tool to manage their portfolio and track their investments performance, so property investors already have a lot to gain by entering details of their portfolio onto the platform and benefiting from instant performance insights.

Now, with the launch of the Finance Hub, those same details can also help them identify and apply for the most suitable financial products, with very little additional effort. This is a great opportunity for landlords to work smarter, adopt digital life, and make sure they are optimising their property investments.

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In the context of Covid19, it has never been more prudent to do this, so the Lendlord landlord should use our software as a Covid survival aid to ensure their portfolio can withstand the undoubted further challenges ahead.

Visit the Lendlord Finance Hub and get more understanding on your finance options.