How well is your property portfolio performing?

We are delighted to be working with Kate Faulkner by joining PropertyCheckLists

to power a check list about how to determine the performance of your property portfolio.

Some highlights of this checklist:

Make sure you keep all your relevant property data organised in one place.

Lendlord makes it easy for you. You can upload your data in a secure way and keep tracking it as you grow your property business:

Track which properties are in private ownership and which are in limited company ownership With Lendlord you can easily highlight your limited company properties:

Make sure you don’t miss any lender product expiry date in order to avoid going on to the standard variable rate (SVR)

Lendlord platform will notify you 90, 30, 7 and 1 day before your mortgage product is about to expire

Check refinance opportunities every month in case better rates are available Lendlord algorithm research the market and suggests refinance opportunities taking into account the early redemption and new product fees

Track your monthly expenses on all properties and review your monthly Yield and ROI (Return On Investment) over time With Lendlord you can track your monthly expenses on each property and review your Gross/Net Yield and ROI overtime

Be aware of how much your expected capital gains tax should be on each property you privately owned

With Lendlord you can calculate your expected capital gains tax on each property

Capital Gains Tax Calculation

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