Join our live webinar on Tuesday, May 28: Learn how to manage your data and track your cash flow using Lendlord.

Join our live webinar to learn more about how you can manage your portfolio data and track your property cash flow using Lendlord.

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  • Get Started: Setting up your properties & tenants
  • Streamline rent collection: Define your payment schedule
  • Track your finances: Setting up cashflow history
  • Connect your finances: Linking bank accounts
  • Manage every transaction: Splitting, overpayments, and more (
  • Organize your finances: Setting up expense & income categories
  • Analyze your performance: Reviewing profit & loss statements
  • Q&A session: Get your Lendlord questions answered
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Sarel Cohen

Costumer success at Lendlord

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Aviram Shahar

Co-Founder and CEO at Lendlord

Lendlord is created with one primary goal:

make your portfolio work for you.

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Be Efficient

Say “goodbye” to antiquated and inefficient excel spreadsheets. Use the modern responsive interface to manage your portfolio from anywhere.

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Be Proactive

Never miss an opportunity to optimise your costs. Get updates and adjust your portfolio immediately.

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Be Aware

Make smart decisions based on data. Get insights that will help you grow your property business wisely.

What is so special about Lendlord?

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Portfolio KPI Canada 3

Portfolio KPIs

Lendlord’s dashboard provide you with ongoing metrics on your portfolio health, historical trend of your portfolio growth and P&L suggestions on potential savings on your mortgage costs, upcoming due dates and more, all in one place.
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Portfolio Details Canada

Portfolio Details

Manage all your portfolio details in a secure way in the cloud, get email reminders to update your data on an ongoing basis. See at a glance insights and reporting of how your portfolio is performing. Upload any property document and store it in the cloud.
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Deal Analyser Canada

A Deal Analyser

Analyse any potential acquisition and get all relevant metrics for the short term and for the long term. Compare your potential acquisitions to your existing properties and start to make better decisions.
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Profit Loss Canada

Profit & Loss tracking and Analysis

Track your monthly income & expenses and review your Net cashflow, Yield and Cash on Cash overtime. On both the portfolio and property level overtime.
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Tenants LEase Canada

Tenants & Leases Management

Manage your tenants and leases details and track your rent collection from anywhere

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